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Coaches Cartel

Dec 23, 2019

So, If you’re like other personal trainers and coaches that we’ve just reviewed (over 5,000 of them)...

You know that growing your online fitness business is one of the smartest ways for you to help people with your passion for health and fitness… AND, earn the money you want.

See, most trainers get stuck in the “time-for’money” trap… You’re selling your most precious asset your time.

It’s why I put Tony Robbins quote at the start of my book; Your First 100 Clients.

“Don’t trade your time for money. It’s the worst trade in the world.” - Tony Robbins.

This is why there are 2-simple steps that you need to take to get out of the Old PT Model and into the “New Generation Model”.

PLUS… I want to share with you a breakdown into how you can redesign your fitness business so you can;

* Attract in the EXACT type of clients you love to work with (and not the energy vampires).

* Convert leads to clients that are paying you what you are worth (and have a system you can trust that does this each week).

* Deliver your clients world-class results, and in a way where you’re not stuck behind the computer 24/7.


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