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Coaches Cartel

Mar 25, 2020

How can you get more clients and have more sales... all on Auto-Pilot?

This episode I bring on Barry Moore (legend) to deep dive with me in how Marketing Automation for your fitness business will take your profits, sales and business building ease to a new level.

Step by step we dissect how email marketing, and the...

Mar 19, 2020

Do you get results with your clients...?

After having over 1000 trainers get back to me with their biggest frustrations, I keep hearing the same thing over and over.

And you could be thinking the same...

"I just need to get more leads in front of me and I can show them the value I can give them. And I would get more...

Mar 17, 2020

Have you thought about running fitness retreats before?

…Want to add 10’s of $1000s to your profits by delivering a top tier experience that transforms your clients bodies and lives.

I bring on Candice Strybos that will walk you through the major steps for you to add Fitness Retreats into your business, or make it...

Mar 12, 2020

This is a snippet of the email Shane sent me…


“Long story short my $6000 bought me:


2 x 10 minute phone calls with this dude.


Access to a Facebook group with others doing the course.


An overwhelming amount of information all neatly packaged in one place.


Optional weekly phone calls with cheerleaders (not...

Mar 11, 2020

Let’s cut the fluff…

You want more leads, or more clients, or more money—yeah?

But, WHY do you not already have it..?

Do you have a “mindset” problem..?


Do you have a “Model” problem..?

In this episode, we quickly cover how we figure out “what's missing”.

And give you a roadmap to actually doing...