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Coaches Cartel

Aug 26, 2019

DON’T be honest with me …

… be honest with yourself right now.

What's your perfect life number..?

How much money will it take for you to live your dream lifestyle…?

I’m not talking about driving Lambo’s, popping bottles, and sniffing lines off models (unless that's your jam).

This is about you living your life with the freedom you want, being able to do the work you love and WITHOUT the stress of “do I have enough money?”.

In this episode, we answer 4 key questions…

What's your “signature system” so that you candy the work you love (and charge what you’re worth).

How you can predictably bring in NEW leads each week (so you’re not chasing after clients).

How you can turn 8-9 out 10 leads into new clients (without being all sales-ey)

AND… we answer what the “Law Of Income” is so you design your entire business around it.


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