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Coaches Cartel

Dec 30, 2019

So, there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to creating content… 

And especially in the health and fitness world.

As most trainers and coaches are trying to copy the big “influencers” … and losing.

See, the problem is that most coaches should try to play that game.

We’re getting a lot of coaches coming to us. That have tried to follow the influencers tactics. 

And it didn’t work for them. 

And here is why I think it’s a bad idea…

1 - This is NOT about just getting more followers.

What I want to take you through is how you get more clients (which is why I recently shared how Aaron did over $137K just last month, and has less than 1000 followers)

2 - You need to focus on the marketing and sales…

You’re NOT a YouTuber.

You’re NOT a blogger.

You’re NOT an Instagrammer.

YOU are a business owner that only has 24 hours in a day to build your business.

You need to use every spare second you have, and not dwindle away your precious hard efforts on stuff that's lacklustre at getting you more clients.

This is why I show my cartel clients how to get their entire months content done in just2-3 days. Giving them 27-28 days focussed on the funnel and sales pipeline stuff that attracts and converts new clients. 

Think about it...

If you put one video out. How many leads are you getting. .?

Lets say you you spend 2 hours… Writing, prepping, shooting and editing (and then you still need to publish) just one video.

If that brings you 2 leads into your funnel.

And then you get 1 client from that… Then you can equate 1 new client from 2 hours of content production.

BUT… Most coaches don’t get any leads from tons of their content.

If this opens familiar to you… Then watch the full episode and take action on the steps I walk you through.


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