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Coaches Cartel

Jul 16, 2020

If you’re like most Personal Trainers, you’re stuck in the “time-for-money” trap…


...I was.


And its why I quit PT over 5 years ago.

See, the “Old PT Model” goes a little something like this:


6 sessions a day @ $80 a session = $480 a day.


The problem is:


Every single client has to show up for their session (and that  never happens).

You need to be there in the gym training your clients (anytime you go holidays, get sick, want to educate yourself… You’re losing money).

Your working flat out (and the stars must align for you to do 1,500 hours of face to face clients)


Now lets compare that to the NEW PT Model…

30 Online clients @ $300 a month = $9,000 a month or $110,000 a year.


Or you could also tap on a membership model on top of your 1-1 online coaching.


A membership model can easily look like this:

200 members $49 a month = $9,800 a month or $117,600 a year.


Combine your 1-1 with your membership model ($110,000 + $117,600) and you’re  earning over $210,000 a year


PLUS… You can do this working from anywhere in the world.


You’re not working crazy hours.


You’ve got tons more freedom than the Old face-to-face model.


That's why in this episode I want to share with you the ‘behind-the-scenes’ strategies that are growing online businesses FAST.

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